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Laser Body Mass Reduction and Removal

The Zerona laser by Erchonia is a revolutionary medical device used for laser body mass management and reduction. This simple laser treatment has the ability to reduce body mass through simple, painless, and noninvasive procedures.

The Zerona laser targets the areas of the body that tend to be difficult to target with regular diet and exercise. With the newest advancements in laser technology, patients can find themselves on the fast track to confidence through a simple procedure.

The Zerona laser treatment works by emulsifying, or liquefying the subcutaneous fat found in the body. While laser body mass surgery is not an invasive procedure, it is proven to be extremely effective in contouring the body by eliminating fat in hard to lose areas.

Though the majority of fat can be removed through diet and exercise, there are some areas of the body that need a little help. With the Zerona, cold laser body mass reduction and body sculpting removes fat from the areas of the body that regular diet and exercise cannot access.

Patients that are concerned with their body mass index can find an easy solution with the Zerona laser. Without any painful incisions or long term programs, the amount of subcutaneous fat can be easily removed from the body, resulting in a longer and leaner body shape.

Zerona Laser Body Mass Reduction

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