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Skin Smoothening Treatment

Everyone dreams of a smooth and flawless texture of the skin. We have a service especially designed to serve this purpose. This is a special procedure designed to give the skin a nice smooth feel and removing any superficial irregularities of the skin. This service is recommended both as an enhancement to the skin before any important occasion and also as a problem solution for people with a few surface irregularities on the skin as a result of long standing pimples.

The process involves polishing the skin with the help of a specially designed skin polishing machine which has got specific levels of working ensuring a uniform removal of the superficial layers of the dead skin cells.

By adjusting the level of working we can ensure the process is directed to the specific cause like just an enhancement of the skin or a problem solution like the superficial acne scars.

The procedure takes approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour of your time, is absolutely painless and without any kind of irritation to the skin like an itchy and/or burning sensation and leaves the skin very smooth to touch and vibrant. It can also be combined along with the advanced skin peel system to ensure much better results in terms of pigment reduction and glow.

This service can be done not only on the face but also on other parts of the body especially the back(both upper back and full back) to tackle some of the marks left behind by the pimples on the back and leaving you confident to wear the attire of your choice without worrying about people able to see the marks on the back.

This procedure is absolutely safe and without any side effects and leaves the skin soft and supple to look and feel.

At Elite we care for your skin and like any other service at Elite, even the skin polishing is not done without the skin first being examined by the Dermatologists and ensuring that you do not have any of the contraindications for the procedure.

Skin Smoothening Treatment

For any further queries regarding the skin polishing service feel free to talk to us anytime.

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