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Elite Dark Circle Correction

Dark circles refers to the darkness of the skin around the eyes especially the under the lower eye lid. The under eye dark circles is a fairly common condition and with the increasing competition in every phase of life, the incidence is only increasing. In short, it is the price we pay for being more intellectual and competitive.

The skin under the eyes is the thinnest area of the skin in the entire body and also because of this; the underlying blood vessels in this area do not have an adequate support system when compared to the rest of the body. As anywhere in the body, the skin around the eye is also subjected to repeated stresses of modern life and because of the thinness of the skin, the minor leaks happening in the blood vessels are more easily visible in this area when compared to the rest of the body. It is these minor leaks which commonly give rise to the development of the dark circles.

Contrary to the popular notion, that lack of sleep is the only cause of dark circles, there are various causes of development of dark circles like – Heredity, Thyroid abnormalities, uncorrected refractive error, anaemia, lack of sleep, continuous exposure to UV rays including the sunlight and the computer screens.

Due to all these reasons, there is a release of hormones in the body which cause increase in the size of blood vessels with minor leaks throughout the body. In the under eye area, these minor leaks become more obvious due to the proximity of the blood vessels to the skin and also the decreased support system to the blood vessels.

At Elite, we have a dedicated dark circle reduction service called the Elite Dark Circle Correction (DCC) therapy. This therapy has the advantage that in addition to the convention peels treatment (Done at other centres) we have a biphasic treatment having a combination of peels and other agents. Also the peels used are highly advanced skin peeling system and not the conventional peels.

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In addition especially a condition like dark circles requires some care and attention to the skin from your side in the form of some under eye creams to be applied daily at home and also a few minor lifestyle modifications. Both these approaches ensure a substantial reduction in the extent of dark circles leaving your skin fresh and gives a younger look to your skin.

In case of any doubts about this treatment, please feel free to talk to us anytime. Our trained Dermatologists will be happy to explain you further.

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