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Advanced Chemical Skin Peels Treatment

The advanced skin peel system is a high quality service, designed especially to improve the skin complexion, de-tanning, Age control, pimple reduction among others. This service makes use of the best in class peels available worldwide, that has high quality and potent ingredients, formulated into customized packages for various skin concerns.

The peels are selected only after rigorous in house testing by our dedicated team of Dermatologists. At Elite Skin Studio, special attention is given to a fine balance of both safety and efficacy while selecting the skin peel system and we have customized skin peel solutions in the most hygienic atmosphere keeping in mind the various skin types and skin concerns.

All the advanced peel treatments are given only after consultation with our Dermatologists and the peel treatments are never done without the mandatory presence of the Dermatologist during peel application.

The various advance peel systems available with us include

  1. Elite Pigment Reduction Solution
  2. Elite Pimple Control Solution
  3. Elite 45 day de-tanning solution
  4. Elite Skin Glow System
  5. Elite Deep Pigment Reduction Solution

During your consultation with our Dermatologist, he would analyze your skin thoroughly and prescribe a solution customized to your skin concern(s). You will then be subjected to peel sensitivity analysis to check for allergy to any of the peel ingredients. Subsequently, the treatments given in the presence of the Dermatologists.

Advanced Skin Peels Treatment

The advanced skin peels work by various mechanisms depending upon the peel selected based on the skin concern. All the peels have got the basic mechanism of removing the superficial layers of dead skin cells which form over the skin in the course of their regular shedding. In addition, there are additional actions of some specialized peels like controlling the oiliness in case of pimple control and controlling the melanin production in case of deep pigment reduction.

The process takes approximately 30 minutes for each session and it takes approximately 6-8 sessions to see a very good result depending upon the skin concern. The exact details of it can be recommended by consulting our expert Dermatologists.

So come and change the way you look, think and feel about your skin.

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