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Acne & Scar Reduction Treatment

Acne (Acne Vulgaris) or pimples as it is commonly, called strikes most of us during the prime of our youth when we are the most conscious about how we look. They are most commonly seen on the face and rarely on the back and the shoulders. It causes considerable anxiety to both the person and also the parents. In most cases, it subsides by itself, but sometimes leaves behind their tell tale signs in the form of post acne marks and scars. The acne marks are the colour changes left after acne, while the scars are pits or depressions in the skin after a bout of severe acne. The acne scars range from just few surface irregularities to very severe pits and depressions on the skin depending upon the grade of the acne and also the habit of picking/squeezing the acne lesions.

At Elite Lifestyle Studio we understand the stress of having scars on the face and the amount of distress it causes in the sufferers. That is why our highly experienced Dermatologists have come up with a range of treatments and solutions for post acne scars depending upon the extent of the scarring.

During the consultation, our experienced Dermatologists will thoroughly examine your skin and advise the best possible treatment for your skin type along with the duration required. The wide range of skin therapies address all kinds of scars, from Microdermabrasion for few superficial scars to complete skin resurfacing treatment for deeper scars and stretch marks. When combined with the advanced skin peel system, these treatments not only ensure a smoother but also a lighter skin on the involved area.

Most of the treatments are relatively pain less with a little downtime ensuring that your skin treatment does not interfere with your busy work schedule. Visit one of our branches to discover the new you.


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